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Nothing is ever forgotten

Maximus said, “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” In Gladiator, Russell Crowe tells his troops before a battle that regardless of what happens their sacrifice will never be forgotten. They will leave a mark on eternity. He...

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Error or Heresy?

We love to criticize anyone who disagrees with our opinions and to call them “heretics” for their different view. For the sake of clarification and distinctions made in the NT, this blog will describe four categories of different viewpoints. These categories are (1)...

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Trust your coach

I coach golf.  One of the first things I tell a student is that I will tell them to do things that may feel uncomfortable, awkward or seem ineffective.  They must make a decision to trust what I tell them or never improve. If they only partially, or not at...

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My Friend (?)

My friend, I stand in judgment now, And feel that you’re to blame somehow. On earth I walked with you day by day And never did you point the way. You knew the Lord in truth and glory But never did you tell the story. My knowledge then was very dim You could have led...

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Famous quotes about Christian missions

Are you working on a sermon or message on missions? Quotations from missionary leaders like William Carey and Hudson Taylor have served as battle cries for the Christian missions movement. World evangelism has advanced with inspiration provided by missionary slogans...

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The value of being exhorted

 The reception went well after preaching and teaching in the AM and PM church services in Minneapolis of one of our supporting churches. Jan and I had been married ten years and completed our first 4-year term as missionaries in Colombia. A man from the church came to...

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The 59 “One Another” Verses of the New Testament

How would the world be different if we practiced these commands?            Stop passing judgment on one another                                  Romans 14:13            If you keep on biting and devouring each other…                  Galatians 5:15             you...

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Lead by fear?

In a Christian ministry, a godly man was trained for several years to succeed the founder when he retired. This protégé seemed to be a perfect successor. Once he was installed into the position he quickly won the hearts of many followers by his kind demeanor with...

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