2015 (May) Return to Tarapaca, Amazonas, Colombia to a church I planted in 1973

Conference-picture-of-graduatesSummer of 2015 Don was invited to return to Tarapaca to meet with the leaders of the Ticunas, Yaguas, Witotos, and Bora tribes who live up river from Tarapaca on the Putumayo River in Southern jungle of Colombia for a week of teaching and training in Bible Study and church ministries. Don planted the church in Tarapaca 40 years ago that has now spread upriver thanks to the heroic labor of several Colombia servants. I was the first evangelical missionary to enter this town and plant a church. God used Tiberio Nieto, a coffee grower from Neiva, Colombia, under great risk, who regularly returned to Tarapaca throughout the past 35 years, when missionaries were forbidden and guerrillas and drug trafficers controlled the jungle region. What a thrill to see all that God has done.

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