Aug 12 Continue in the things you have learned

Aug 12 2Ti3.14 Continue2 Tim 3:14 “You, however, must continue~~ in the things you have learned and are confident about. You know who taught you.”

Throughout the ages, there have always been enemies to the faith, both within and outside of the gatherings of believers. Jesus warned, “The evil one comes and snatches away the good seed of the Word that had been sown in the heart of a hearer” (Matt 13:19). Satan does this by creating doubts and substituting false teachings.

“Imposters” (Gk. “wailers, howlers,” such as sorcerers) are those who pretend to be spiritual with magical powers, deceive by performing phenomena, and attack followers, causing them to abandon practical teachings for the miraculous.

Sadly, the undiscerning Christian public will continue to be deceived (2 Tim 3:13). Imposters’ claims of new revelations, inexplicable signs, phenomena, and claims of unusual powers distract hearers from the word of God.

Timothy is commanded to “continue in the things [he has] learned” (Gk. “abide, or remain.”) Learned comes from the root word for disciple. Timothy had been discipled in the scriptural commands and had become “confident about” the Scriptures as truths that are not to be compromised, diluted, ignored, or superseded.

The last phrase is “You know who taught you.” Biblical teaching must be evident in the teacher first, making it meaningful and able to be imitated. The word who is plural: Timothy had numerous mentors, and all taught the same principles and consistently lived out the commands of Scripture.

Symptoms of false teachers are those who always seek something new and “fresh” and speak condescendingly of the “old” revelations in Scripture.

Timothy’s early childhood training laid the groundwork for a life of obedience and godliness, from which he never deviated. His learning increased through the years, reinforcing and deepening the values of the principles and commands. Paul laid the validity of his doctrine not only on the clear teachings of Scripture but also on the transformed lives of followers like Timothy.

Rather than seeking the sensational or emotional, will you commit to never be distracted from learning to apply the inspired word of God to your life?

“Lord, You told us how important Your commands are for us, but we forget them so easily. Help me devise a plan for remembering them and for being accountable to someone to obey them today.”

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