Jan 14 Do not be afraid He will take care

Luke 12:32 “Do not be afraid~|, little flock, for your Father is well pleased to give you the kingdom.”

Whatever we fear, there is a tendency to give in to it or give up. In this context, Jesus warns us not to worry about the loss of material security, which tends to distract us from the important issues of eternal realities.

On the other hand, those who pursue the advancement of the kingdom of God in the world are promised sufficient material provisions from God.

Jesus had just given the command not to fear in verse 4 (not to fear persecution) and verse 7 (not to fear being unnoticed), and now we are told not to fear being abandoned or left without sufficient provisions. In verse 15, He warns about covetousness, which is the root cause of this fear.

In verse 22, Jesus tells us not to be anxious about what we will eat or wear. Then He gives a series of illustrations of how God takes care of less important creatures to demonstrate how much more He would take care of His servants.

The fear in this context is the doubt that your personal needs will be met if you were to give your whole life to fulfill God’s will in the world. He does not show us how He will take care of us; he only tells us that He will. Can you trust Him alone, or do you need a safety net, just in case He does not come through with what you need?

For many, the thought of giving up a potentially lucrative position in order to play a significant role in completing the Great Commission is so foreign and is almost a painful concept that only a few ever take it seriously. Many are scared they will not have the support to survive, so they give up the idea. Jesus is commanding us not to be afraid to commit to a key role in God’s mission in the world.

Are you afraid of the will of God? What if God burdened your heart with an unreached group of people in India? Would you be willing to trust God for your provisions? What if God wanted you to be more generous in your giving? Could you trust Him for the provisions, which you then would release to someone else?

God has a tendency to lead His children toward a cross . . . something that will cost them everything. A cross is never cheap. However, there is a kingdom on the other side, and “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Never be afraid to pour out your life and resources for His kingdom. Nothing will be overlooked.

“Lord, teach me to see how selfish ‘fear’ is and how to value Your rewards above
earthly gains.”


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