July 30 Bless those who curse you

July 30 Lk6.27 love who hateLuke 6:27-28 “But I say to you who are listening: Love~~ your enemies, do good ~~ to those who hate you, :28 bless ~~ those who curse you, pray ~~ for those who mistreat you.”

God has always wanted His people to stand out as a unique people, not blend in unperceived with the unsaved Gentile world.

This sevenfold description of our obligation to love others shows the characteristics of our heavenly Father (Luke 6:35: “For He is kind to the unthankful and evil”). We are expected to reflect the character and attitudes of our God and Savior. Of course, this is possible only by the power of the Spirit as He manifests the presence of God. This is how He is glorified.

Jesus begins by addressing “you who are listening.” They were all hearing, but not all were listening. First, you are to “continually be loving your enemies.” This is not an emotional love or a friendly love. It is agape love: a decision to sacrifice for the benefit of others regardless of your feelings toward them.

Second, you are to “do good to those who hate you,” which amplifies how we are to love our enemies. Good means “excellent, appropriate, [or] beneficial.”

Third, God says, “bless those who curse you,” which means to “speak well of” anyone who “curses” or speaks poorly of you, seeking to damage you.

Fourth, you are to “be continually praying for those who mistreat you.” You must forgive them and pray that God will clarify to them the gospel’s value.

The fifth through seventh commands are not to retaliate (Luke 6:29a), to give freely (6:29b–-30), and to treat others they way we would want to be treated (6:31). Jesus’s love is unique from the world’s (6:32–-33). His followers stand out because they care for everyone. Do you really want to be a follower of Jesus? It is costly, but He gives us His grace to do it.

“Merciful God, Thank You for providing a way to forgive and cleanse me of my sinfulness. I want to be willing to love those who hate me because of You and Your message so they may have a chance to know You also.”

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