Nine paradigm shifts that will define missions in the 21st century

  1. Shift from being doers to being equippers of nationals, then we stand behind them.
  2. Shift from being in charge to equal partnerships.
  3. Shift from owning and controlling to “we own nothing, control nothing and count nothing as ours.”
  4. Shift from Western missionaries to global missionaries: all people going to all peoples.
  5. Shift from dependency to self-sufficiency (dependent partners cannot be equal).
  6. Shift from addition to multiplication (it is not what we do, but what we help others to do).
  7. Shift from moving from competition to cooperation (we taught them to be independent but we are better together than alone)
  8. Shift from an emphasis on my brand of Christianity to his brand (Jesus died for His bride, not my brand of the church).
  9. Shift from mission agency to church /agency synergy (vision of missions as the vision of the church).

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