Titus 3:3 The seven-fold need for a gospel of grace

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Paul’s Final Post-imprisonment Journey

https://youtu.be/Xo0ryPcm9bE Following Paul's acquittal from his first trial in Rome, Paul visited a number of places mentioned in some of his Prison Epistles. This video will attempt to put in a reasonable sequence of trips to the places that are inferred in the...

Paul’s Prisoner Journey to Rome

https://youtu.be/gHjB_xZlPTU Paul, while trying to help the poor in Jerusalem, was rejected by the Jews and arrested for creating a riot.  He was held in a prison in Caesarea for 3 years, begins a long voyage to Rome to stand before Caesar and give his defense in the...

Paul’s Third Evangelistic Journey

https://youtu.be/TeOFeNRJkVU Paul's third evangelistic journey begins again in Syrian Antioch. He had left Pricilla and Aquila in Ephesus with a small group of believers, promising to return. He quickly walks nearly a thousand miles across modern-day Turkey to Ephesus...

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