Workbook Trends and Issues

Trends and Issues in Modern Missions describes the strengths and weaknesses of the key issues in the global missions endeavor at the beginning of the 21st century.  This workbook walks the learner through the Six-Step Wisdom Learning process that assures comprehension and practical application developed by the Church-Based-Training movement.

The themes covered int his study are the following:

  1. Trends from the History of Missions
  2. Holism: serving the whole person
  3. Tentmaking, Platform Ministries and NGOs
  4. Partnership and Dependency
  5. Short-Term Ministries
  6. Contextualization
  7. Church Planting Movements
  8. Church-Based Leadership Training
  9. Chronological Bible Storying/Teaching
  10. Ethnomusicology and Worship Movement

Each of these trends will be discussed, ideally in a group, to help the mission-minded learner navigate the issues facing the global mission of the church.

  • Pages: 132
  • ISBN: 2010000210352
  • Binding: Perfect

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