What in the World is God Doing?


This book covers the basics and the latest trends in missions written for the student of missions, pastors and church leaders as well as field personnel needing a background in world missions.  A must read for anyone interested in understanding the Great Commission.

What in the World is God Doing? is an updated revision of the introduction to the major themes of global missions including the latest developments, statistics and trends from around the world. The contents of this introduction to missions includes the following topics:

  1. Motivation for Missions
  2. OT perspective of missions
  3. NT perspective of missions
  4. Is Truth worth dying for?
  5. An analysis of the “call.”
  6. History of missions in the Early Church (AD 33-500)
  7. History of missions in from the Dark Ages to the Reformation (AD 500-1517)
  8. History of missions from the Reformation to Carey (1500-1792)
  9. History of missions from Carey to WWII (1792-1945)
  10. History of missions in the new paradigm (1945-present)
  11. World non-theistic religions: Animism, Hinduism, Buddhism
  12. World theistic religions: Roman Catholicism, Greek Orthodox, Islam
  13. World context: Secularism
  14. Unfinished task in North America-Asia-Sub-Saharan Africa
  15. Unfinished task in Latin America-Muslim world-Europe
  16. Practical Missions Functions: Personnel selection and recruiting, Missions Agencies and missional churches.


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