10 Steps To Fruitful Discipleship

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“Go and make disciples of all nations” became the war cry of the church throughout the last two thousand years.  Today we have institutionalized everything supposedly to make it more efficient and multiply the results.  The results have quenched the personal initiatives and responsibilities for disciplining those who come to Christ. The institution of the church programs and seminaries are supposedly taking care of that ministry.  Today few have been discipled and fewer have any plan to help new believer become disciples.  This book is written as a tool to help believers develop their personal ministry of making disciples. Nothing is more exciting.

Ten Steps of Discipleship came out of an evangelistic ministry in Latin America to solidify new converts to evangelical Christianity.  It is written in an interactive, fill-in-the-blank format that helps the new believer to think through the meaning and implications of core Bible verses on which to build their Christian life.  Each lesson ends with a summary of new concepts that become excellent talking points for discipling encounters.

Before bad habits and misconceptions distort the new Christian, these principles are to be reinforced by a mature believer.  These steps are:

1. Understand the gospel
2. Rest in the security of the believer
3. Practice a Daily Devotional
4. Discover power to live the Christian life
5. Make the church a priority
6. Take the mystery out of prayer
7.  Obey whatever He says as the best way to live
8. Face the temptations of life
9. Discover the will of God
10. Prepare to give your testimony

Whether you are looking for tools to develop your ministry or to ground yourself in these basic concepts of the Christian life, this useful workbook will train you for a lifetime ministry fulfilling the Great Commission wherever you are living.

  • Pages: 115
  • ISBN: 2010000265161
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