Inductive Bible Study Methods

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Inductive Bible Study helps you discover the steps that every great Bible scholar takes to dig out the riches of the biblical text that God has written for us to understand.  These steps can be used throughout the Bible to enrich your Bible study and give you great content as you teach the Bible to your family, neighborhood Bible Study group, or church meeting.

This book will give you a proven plan in a step-by-step procedure to guide you to think through any biblical passage to out with the true meaning and correct application of God’s Word.  This study will walk you through how to see the big picture or panorama of a book or passage down to the significance and meaning of individual words and verbs.  Then the steps will show you how to put it all together into a meaningful and practical application.

God has chosen to reveal Himself and His will through His Word. It is our privilege and duty to discover Him in His Word.  What an adventure!  Be warned: This can become addictive!

  • Pages: 129
  • ISBN: 2010000171165
  • Binding: Perfect

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