The Book of Revelation was written for the churches for all to under­stand. Dr. Don Fanning writes this study guide for Small Group leaders to clarify the meaning of the text and provide reflection questions for group discussions.
With the popularity of the Left Behind novels of the end times, many are asking questions and wanting to know what the Book of Revelation says about the events of the last days.  This book is written to clarify the clear and chronological meaning of the final revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ as John wrote in his inspired prophecies.  No other Bible Book gives a clear promise of a special blessing for reading and putting into practice the principles and implications of this Book (Rev 1:3). Every believer needs to know the Book of Revelation.
With all the public discussions of terms like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Armageddon, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, and the 144,000, all believers need to be well-trained in the biblical meaning of these terms and more events that will occur around the Second Coming of Christ.  When Christ returns and the world is destroyed what do we know about the new world? These and many other prophecies give the believer unique insights and confidence in our Lord’s amazing return to earth to claim His own.

  • Pages: 359
  • ISBN: 2010000411841
  • Binding: Perfect

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