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The Book of Romans was written to clarify forever the wisdom of God in His plan for bringing salvation to the ends of the earth and how He expects us to live in the light of His wisdom.  Nowhere are the answers to life’s essential issues more clearly explained to believers than in Romans.

With a number of confusing and contradicting teachings around the world, today every believer needs a thorough understanding of Romans to be assured they are trusting in the truth and can recognize error when it appears.

What should we understand about the lostness of mankind? Is there any difference between Israel and the church? What does predestination mean? Other topics discussed include spiritual gifts, assurance of salvation, sanctification, baptism in Christ, Israel’s future purpose, relations with Different governments, stumbling-block principles, ministry strategies, and many more issues are discussed in the text.

Don Fanning brings his experience of leading small groups as the key tool for planting churches and maturing believers throughout Latin America as the groups discussed the issues clarified in this study.

Explore this amazing exposé of the mind of God for every believer in this interactive study guide with discussion questions for every major concept.  Work through this book together with a group of three to twelve others as you discover together His truths to live by.

  • Pages: 260
  • ISBN: 2010000258019
  • Binding: Perfect

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