Know For Sure: The Epistles of John


John was the last remaining Jewish Apostle in a predominately Gentile church as he wrote these last inspired letters to the churches. False teachers had split his church in Ephesus and created doubt about how to know if a person was truly born-again.

The aged Apostle gives his answers in Ten Practical Evidences of all true believers who have been transformed by the gospel into Christ-followers. Likewise, these epistles give warnings and symptoms of false teachers and fake Christians who seek to divide and discredit a genuine transformed life.

Second and Third John take the reader back into some of the practical problems in the first century local church, then walk us through the solutions. One cannot help but feel and learn the heart of God for His church through these final epistles.

First John gives us ten evidences whereby we may know that we have eternal life. (5:13)

Second John gives us instructions on divisive teachers with divergent teachings.

Third John warns of narcissistic leaders and teaches us to treat itinerating teacher-missionaries as God’s ambassadors.

This book is written in a verse-by-verse, interactive style with many reflective questions for discussions in small groups and additional cross references to enrich the understanding of the topics discussed in these epistles.


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