Mission Accomplished?


This book will encourage and enlighten the church to finish the task of World Missions.

We’ll spend eternity celebrating the accomplishment of all of God’s servants throughout history, but now we can see a glimpse into the life of a few pioneers who demonstrated how the “gates of hell” fall before God’s people as He empowers them to “attempt great things for God.” This book focuses on the struggles and victories of how we got to our part in the great drama of the Great Commission.

This is not technically a history text, but draws on the history of the time to show the context of great mission endeavors, so it will be divided historically as:

Apostolic church and missions (AD 33-100)
Early Church and missions (AD 100-500)
Dark Ages and missions (AD 500-1000)
Roman Catholic Age and missions (AD 1000-1500)
Reformation Age and missions (1500-1800)
Golden Age of missions (1800-1900)
Modern Age of missions (1900-2000)
21st Century of missions (2000 to present)


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