Titus_Cover-619[1]Paul had just been released from his first imprisonment but seemed to know he was a marked man. He had to make every moment count before the authorities caught up with him again. Titus was his longtime partner in the ministry to the Gentile churches and now is given an assignment to lead the churches throughout the island of Crete.

With a constant barrage of false teachers seeking to distort the gospel and purpose of the local churches, Paul gives Titus timeless practical instructions on how to manage the churches to reach their designed purpose and impact on society.

  • Chapter 1 lays out the key indicators of godly leaders and false teachers.
  • Chapter 2 outlines the strategies for creating a legacy of the faith through different generations.
  • Chapter 3 challenges the church to maximize their mpact in a lost world

This book is written in an interactive style with many reflective questions for discussions in small groups and additional cross references to enrich the understanding of the topics.

  • Pages: 93
  • ISBN: 2010000468524
  • Binding: Perfect

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